Recovering Critical Materials From Gasifier Cinder

Courtney Farrow  |  14 - 09 - 2020

GSA has recently completed several rounds of research to successfully recover vanadium and nickel from gasifier cinder.

We’ve concluded that if the metals in the cinder were to be recovered, it would prevent 27,000 tonnes of vanadium pentoxide and 11,000 tonnes of nickel oxide going into landfill each year.

“Recovering metals like vanadium and nickel is crucially important as not only does it prevent tonnes of ash waste being poured into the ground, but it also means we make use of in-demand materials like vanadium and nickel, that have a number of significant applications in transport, construction and energy,” explains Michael Grimley, Managing Director of GSA.

“On top of this, by extracting vanadium and nickel from waste before it’s landfilled, we can get a higher quantity of the resources when compared to digging for it out of the ground. Why dig for vanadium ore when we have the material right here in gasification waste?”

Easy sources of vanadium would become a valuable enabler for growing the green energy storage market by providing lower-cost raw materials for VRFB technologies.

You can find out more about Vanadium and its many uses in the energy sector here, and its uses in the transport sector.

To further discuss our research on recovering vanadium and nickel from waste materials, please contact a member of our team.

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