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Since 1992 GSA Environmental has striven to develop new ways to approach historic problems within the petrochemical and large-scale processing industries to clean up waste and by-products for a cleaner environment.
We are committed to operating with honesty, integrity and accountability and strives to deliver the very highest quality independent engineering consultancy services to all clients, on all projects, at all times.
We are committed to operating with honesty, integrity and accountability and strives to deliver the very highest quality independent engineering consultancy services to all clients, on all projects, at all times.

Our Team

Our team of have a wealth of expertise across chemical, mechanical and EC&I coupled with experience in numerous sectors from commodity production, ore extraction and mining through to oil refining and the petrochemicals, giving us skope for a wide-range of specialist consultancy.

We are committed to operating with honesty, integrity and accountability and strives to deliver the very highest quality independent engineering consultancy services to all clients, on all projects, at all times.

Andrew Grimley

Qualifications: PhD, MSc, BEng, CEng, FlChemE, MEI.
Member: IChemE, Energy Institute, Association of Certified Accountants

Born in Edinburgh, Andrew grew up in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Having a keen interest in science and technology Andrew went to Loughborough University to study Chemical Engineering. Andrew stayed on at university to complete his Masters and PHD. After leaving university Andrew went to work for British Steel, Kelco, BP Chemicals and Porvair holding various Chemical Engineering and Management roles across a 40 year period. Over this period Andrew worked for Pharmaceutical, Speciality Chemicals, Petrochemical and Steel Manufacturing clients worldwide. It was at BP Chemicals where Andrew Grimley and Mike Smith first worked together, both seeing an opportunity to start their own process engineering company, GSA Ltd, in 1992.

Andrew was key to the development of GSA Environmental Ltd’s expertise in metal extraction by leading the project engineering efforts and locating the site for the first manufacturing facility. He added to this by taking over as MD of OML and subsequent overall responsibility of the plant.

As the Chairman of GSA Environmental Ltd, Andrew plays a strategic role in gaining new business, building new relationships and overseeing business operations. He also provides a unique point of reference for supporting project work.

In his spare time Andrew often goes scuba diving in the UK and abroad. When not getting wet below the waves he spends time on his boat, sailing from Grimsby. He also likes to spend time with his five grandchildren and is a season ticket holder, supporting Scunthorpe United.

Michael Grimley

Managing Director
Qualifications: PMSc, BEng, CEng, FlChemE, FEI.
Member: IChemE, Energy Institute

Born in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, Michael is Andrew’s eldest son. Michael grew up in varied areas of the British Isles as Andrew’s work allowed, giving him a broad education. Having a keen interest in science and technology Michael also went to Loughborough University to study Chemical Engineering, being sponsored by British Steel. Michael completed his degree and worked as a graduate engineer for GSA Ltd at BP, ConocoPhillips and Pall Filters working mainly on process enhancement and development projects. Michael took on a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering at Manchester University whilst working on a number of projects for CAMR, Equateq and BP in senior engineering roles. As the company grew and developed, Michael took on more responsibility in technical and commercial management of projects and in business development, bidding and winning work across the world.

Michael leads the company on a day-to-day basis, in a mainly technical sense and supported by the GSA Environmental Ltd team for HR, Finance etc. In a projects capacity, Michael is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of projects and the technical competence of GSA Environmental Ltd.

Michael has 3 children and spends most of his spare time looking after them and his wife. He coaches a local junior soccer team. In the brief moments of respite he plays rugby, squash and soccer and takes an annual trip to watch the Dubai 7evens tournament.

Lee Thomson

Finance Director
Qualifications: CIMA, AAT, National Cert (Business & Finance)
Member:Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Lee entered the world of accounting through a ‘Management Training Scheme’ with British Rail in the late 1980’s.

After the completion of his professional qualifications, Lee has had 30 years of financial and commercial experience across a number of different sectors, including Financial Services, Logistics, Manufacturing, Venture Capitalism and finally settling in the world of Oil & Gas.

Lee is responsible for the ‘Non-Engineering’ functions of the business, including the growth funding requirements related to GSA Environmental Ltd’s international expansion plans.

Lee is married with four children, he has a passion for all motor sports and is a keen motorcycle rider.

Terence Makanyire

Process Development Engineer
Qualifications: PhD, MEng, AMIChemE
Member: IChemE

Terence is the Process Development Engineer for GSA Environmental Ltd, responsible for identifying and carrying out continuous improvement initiatives to maintain and further develop out GSA’s capabilities, as well as development of various metal recovery projects to customer driven timescales.

Terence was born in Kadoma, Zimbabwe and moved to the UK at 15. He completed his GCSEs and A’Levels in Leeds, West Yorkshire before moving to the University of Manchester to study Chemical Engineering with Environmental Technology. On completion of his Master of Engineering degree, he moved back to Leeds to pursue an Industrial CASE PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds, followed by an 18 month Postdoctoral Researcher position at the University of Sheffield’s Chemical Engineering department. Terence has a genuine interest in sustainable technologies, so it is no surprise that following his masters research project focussing on development of algal cultures for CO2 fixation and PhD focussing on recovery of critical metals from TiO2 waste residues, he took a Postdoc position to design, develop and scale up a process for manufacturing a carbon-negative fertiliser (UAN) at the University of Sheffield. He has experience in design, development and scale up of hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes for recovery of metals such as Niobium, Vanadium, Scandium and Rare Earths from a wide range of sources. While working on his PhD project, Terence also worked as a Junior Expert in a team organised by the European Commission to recommend policies that strengthen the European rare earths supply chain. He was also a Technical Rapporteur at high-level European Commission conferences on Minerals and Mining.

When not working, Terence is usually playing or watching football (big Arsenal fan!) and he enjoys spending time with his family, travelling and meeting new people.

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“Aspiring to be the first choice provider of technological solutions to environmental problems posed by toxic metals in waste products. Extend our wider technical abilities across industry to benefit our clients and the environment. We will provide this using our individual and collaborative approach.”

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A Zero Waste Approach to TiO2 Manufacturing
Currently, TiO2 waste is neutralised and eventually landfilled.  Although the term used is neutralised, it tends to remain alkaline and hazardous because of its vanadium and TiO2 content.
How To Make TiO2 Manufacturing More Efficient
TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) is a pure white material and most people would recognise it as it is the main pigment used in paint, it is used in two-thirds of all pigments; there is an enormous global demand for the material.
Recovering Critical Materials From Gasifier Cinder
GSA has recently completed several rounds of research to successfully recover vanadium and nickel from gasifier cinder.
Uses of Vanadium: Renewable Energy and Transmission
Discovered in 1831, Vanadium is a metal named after the Swedish Goddess of Beauty and Fertility due to the brilliant and attractive colours of the chemical compounds in which it was first found.
Uses of Vanadium: Transport
Vanadium’s ability to add strength and weldability to steel when the two are alloyed together, alongside its corrosive resistant properties makes it the perfect companion to modern-day transport.
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Case Studies

Case Study Heavy Crude Deep Conversion South America
Development from visualisation through to completion of Basic Engineering Package of a unique processing system to treat residue from the HDHPlus® unit being installed as part of their CP RPLC Deep Conversion Project. HDHPLUS® is a flagship technology for Venezuela having been developed in-country and is one of the emerging technologies for sustained bottom of the barrel oil processing.
Case Study Heavy Crude Upgrading Middle East
GSAe undertook the CEP and BEP phases for a new plant to extract vanadium and nickel from flexicoke.
Case Study Heavy Crude Upgrading Middle East 3
The intention is to build a new extra heavy crude refinery in the Northern Gulf. The refinery will employ a novel slurry catalyst technology called Heavy Residue Hydroconversion unit (HRH) to upgrade the crude feed oil, thereby increasing yield. The technology is particularly efficient for processing crudes from marginal oil fields
Case Study Khuzestan Oil Refinery Due Diligence Report
During the project development and basic engineering design phases for a refinery project that GSAe were supporting, the crude and refined product markets altered significantly from that encountered when the economic case for the project was developed.
Case Study Metals Extraction Facility Venezuela
GSAe undertook the CEP and BEP phases for a new plant to extract vanadium and nickel from flexicoke.
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