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Engineering Capacities

Getting the engineering specifiation correctat the early stage of development is critical in providing cost effective projects. During the early stages of an engineering design project, opportunities exist to greatly influence the design philosophy and reduce the technical and commercial risks of the project. GSAe excels within this space, providing high quality consultancy services for successful project delivery
Over the years we have developed a wide network of contacts and have provided the full range of professional engineering capacities
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Feasability Study
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Basis of Engineering (conceptual engineering)
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FEED (basic design)
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EPCm - as oversight
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Commissioning - as oversight
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Process Debottleneck Studies
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Process Safety Consultancy
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Feasibility / Options Studies Technology

Technology, commercial, hazard, and environmental studies to confirm feasibility or identify preferred options. Laboratory based research support. Produce ‘order of magnitude’ capital cost estimates to confirm commercial viability.
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Conceptual Engineering

Establishment of process engineering concept based on best available technology, laboratory based process development and improving cost and schedule estimates for financial assessments and approval.
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Basic Engineering (FEED)

Development of process concept up to ‘P&ID’ status, including heat and mass balances, equipment datasheets, HAZOP safety reviews, project QRA’s, plot plans etc., to facilitate accurate cost and schedule estimates.
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Detailed Design

Technical oversight of the detailed design of the process plant, including procurement specifications for all equipment, and construction drawings for all mechanical, piping, civils, buildings, plus electrical, instrumentation, and control/safety systems.
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Procurement Process

Management of the purchasing and procurement phase of a project to ensure quality, technical compliance, and adherence to all legislative and commercial codes, schedules and cost budgets.
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Construction Management

Commissioning technical involvement in the planning and management of the fabrication and installation phase ensuring safe delivery of the project, in compliance with all required quality, schedule, performance, and commercial constraints.
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Due Diligence

Reports, market analysis, review of site location and environmental impact, technical overview, CAPEX and OPEX estimation, financial analysis and risk, project management strategy, business risk analysis and business opportunity identification, business plan.

Chemical Engineering Evolved

“Aspiring to be the first choice provider of technological solutions to environmental problems posed by toxic metals in waste products. Extend our wider technical abilities across industry to benefit our clients and the environment. We will provide this using our individual and collaborative approach.”

Kind Chemistry For A Cleaner World.

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We can help your processing become more efficient by
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“We work with large-scale, global refining and processing plants to develop new, effective methods of cleaning up their operations, to provide more efficiency, higher and easier compliancy all whilst contributing to a greener future.”
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A Zero Waste Approach to TiO2 Manufacturing
Currently, TiO2 waste is neutralised and eventually landfilled.  Although the term used is neutralised, it tends to remain alkaline and hazardous because of its vanadium and TiO2 content.
How To Make TiO2 Manufacturing More Efficient
TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) is a pure white material and most people would recognise it as it is the main pigment used in paint, it is used in two-thirds of all pigments; there is an enormous global demand for the material.
Recovering Critical Materials From Gasifier Cinder
GSA has recently completed several rounds of research to successfully recover vanadium and nickel from gasifier cinder.
Uses of Vanadium: Renewable Energy and Transmission
Discovered in 1831, Vanadium is a metal named after the Swedish Goddess of Beauty and Fertility due to the brilliant and attractive colours of the chemical compounds in which it was first found.
Uses of Vanadium: Transport
Vanadium’s ability to add strength and weldability to steel when the two are alloyed together, alongside its corrosive resistant properties makes it the perfect companion to modern-day transport.
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Chemical Engineering Evolved.

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Case Studies

Case Study Heavy Crude Deep Conversion South America
Development from visualisation through to completion of Basic Engineering Package of a unique processing system to treat residue from the HDHPlus® unit being installed as part of their CP RPLC Deep Conversion Project. HDHPLUS® is a flagship technology for Venezuela having been developed in-country and is one of the emerging technologies for sustained bottom of the barrel oil processing.
Case Study Heavy Crude Upgrading Middle East
GSAe undertook the CEP and BEP phases for a new plant to extract vanadium and nickel from flexicoke.
Case Study Heavy Crude Upgrading Middle East 3
The intention is to build a new extra heavy crude refinery in the Northern Gulf. The refinery will employ a novel slurry catalyst technology called Heavy Residue Hydroconversion unit (HRH) to upgrade the crude feed oil, thereby increasing yield. The technology is particularly efficient for processing crudes from marginal oil fields
Case Study Khuzestan Oil Refinery Due Diligence Report
During the project development and basic engineering design phases for a refinery project that GSAe were supporting, the crude and refined product markets altered significantly from that encountered when the economic case for the project was developed.
Case Study Metals Extraction Facility Venezuela
GSAe undertook the CEP and BEP phases for a new plant to extract vanadium and nickel from flexicoke.
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